About us

As we move towards a wholly digital, online world, we want to stay connected with our friends, family, and community.

During special times in our lives, we strive to feel close to our loved ones—wherever they are in the world. Live streaming is the best way to maintain this crucial connection. That’s where we come in.

At Livestream Pro, we understand the innate human desire for closeness—the need to be together through happy times, and too, when times get tough.

Whether you’re streaming a personal event, like a wedding or funeral; sharing crucial insights with remote colleagues; or presenting an end-of-year school performance, you’ll want the service to run smoothly. No dropouts, no buffering, no jittery audio—just a vibrant image and crisp sound.

That’s why we exclusively work with enthusiastic, passionate video professionals who consistently provide high-quality streaming services. Do you need two or more events streamed at once? No worries—we have multiple teams to manage it.

What we do

In recent times, the way Australians interact with each other has changed. More than ever before, people like you are connecting with others in the online world—so we’ve dedicated our time to provide you with the best digital experiences.

Using the latest software and equipment, we broadcast all kinds of events, including:

  • Weddings
  • Seminars
  • School events
  • Funerals, including cemetery and chapel broadcasts

Whichever event you need live-streamed, we’ll work closely with you to guarantee a smooth experience for yourself, your guests, and your online audience.

Why choose us?

At Livestream Pro, we have found the perfect recipe for broadcasting to suit every Australian—a golden blend of high-quality streaming and unbeatable affordability. Plus, as a proudly local, Brisbane-based business, we understand the needs of Aussies in our community.

To complement our outstanding service, we provide:

  • Professional-grade film cameras offering pristine picture quality
  • Mobile, adaptable equipment, allowing for multiple filming angles and quick changes
  • State-of-the-art audio equipment (recommended by film industry leaders!)
  • A 4G+ -internet equipped streaming station, guaranteeing a reliable feed
  • The best quality-to-price ratio in Brisbane

Have another question about our services? Wondering if we can stream your specific event? Check out our FAQs to find your answer or contact us today.

Let’s get streaming

If you’re ready to connect with your loved ones, workmates, students, or friends, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team and let us know what you’re after—we’ll provide a professional, tailored streaming service at an affordable price.